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We offer a variety of services to suit you and your family.

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Our focus is on spinal health, the nervous system and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. However, we offer all of the following services:


Family Chiropractic

Our office treats children, teens, adults and seniors. Our form of treatment is the adjustment, a gentle, effective non-invasive approach to your health. Manual adjustments and the Activator (a gentle thrusting device) are utilized.


Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of modalities to help facilitate healing and recovery. We utilize hot packs, cold packs, kinesiotape, ultrasound, cupping therapy and electric stimulation.

Wellness Care

Wellness is: the state of being in good health, as an active goal. Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic will guide you towards your wellness goals!

Posture Correction

Every new patient receives a multi-view posture analysis. Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic employs the latest digital posture software. You will receive a detailed report and custom recommendations to restore your posture.

Intersegmental Traction

The Intersegmental Traction or Roller Table is a mechanical table which applies a gentle rolling force along the spinal column to decrease disc pressure, increase space at the joints, increase blood circulation, restore normal range of motion and relax muscles.

Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Functional medicine addresses underlying causes of dysfunction. It is a holistic patient-centered approach which involves diagnostic tests, supplementation, lifestyle modifications and nutrition to support proper function.

For your nutritional needs, supplements, detox kits, cleanses, and meal/food planning are available for you.

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